SMI Members working on an Initiative

SMI is committed to shaping the future of our industry. SMI maximizes the knowledge and experience of the SMI Members for the benefit of the entire industry by working year-round in Initiative Teams that address some of the healthcare supply chain’s greatest challenges. SMI Initiative Teams focus on trying to develop real solutions to contemporary industry challenges. To date, SMI Teams have created and produced all of the SMI Tools and Resources that are available at no charge for download from this web site. 

> Recently Completed and Current Initiatives

  1. Demand Planning and Forecasting - the goal of this initiative was to start the conversation about how to use data more effectively to more effectively forecast demand and support better production planning.  The team produced an executive briefing with recommendations on new approaches and key data that suppliers and providers can be gathering and using now as we move toward better planning and forecasting.  You can download the executive briefing here.  
    1. Karen Conway, GHX and Tom Harvieux, BJC, Team Leads
    2. Li Ern Chen, Project Consultant
  2. Virtual Relationship Management – The team developed recommendations for effective virtual trading partner relationships now and in recognition that virtual relationships are here to stay.  You can download the SMI Ebook on Virtual Relationship Management here.
    1. Doug Golwas, Medline and Chuck Jensen, Froedtert Health
    2. Jim Francis, Mayo, Project Consultant
  3. National and Regional Inventory Preparedness and Coordination – this initiative has evolved into a Collaboration Council with the leadership of the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS).  The SMI Initiative team members are now meeting regularly with the SNS leadership to share insights, review plans, and develop educational programs that will be offered to SMI members and the healthcare industry.  The team expects to launch the first educational program in the Spring/Summer of 2021.
    1. Lisa Hohman, Concordance and Tom Harvieux, BJC Healthcare, Team Leads
    2. Dennis Orthman, Project Consultant

SMI will be launching additional initiatives over the coming months with topics including Transparency, COVID-19 Lessons Learned, and more.  For more information about SMI Initiatives or to join a team, contact Nancy Anderson at [email protected].

> SMI Value Based Collaborations Initiative - Final Report

Team Leaders John Strong, Les Friend and Tom Lubotsky provided a final report from SMI's Value Based Collaboration Initiative via webinar on Wednesday, July 8th 

In this webinar, the team shared details on the initiative, report on findings, and provided members tools and strategies to achieve improved value-based collaboration in key trading partner relationships. Collaboration is core to what SMI stands for, and this team has done a wonderful job of defining new and innovative ways to collaborate and achieve increased impact. Hear their thoughts about how collaboration has changed since COVID-19 and help SMI think about how we can continue to make collaboration part of the core of everything we do.  Watch the webinar. Download the Trading Partner Collaboration Initiative Final Report.